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Slow Cooker & Instant Pot Meals, Delivered to your Door


Deliveries every other Sunday 


Upcoming Delivery Dates: Sunday, Aug 11th

Order Deadline: Wednesday, Aug 7th @ 8pm

Real. Food. Ready.

Our meals are prepared from fresh, wholesome ingredients, then flash-frozen. They are easy to store in your freezer and ready for you when you need them.

All you need is a slow cooker/ instant pot and dinner is done. 

All Entrees make 4-6 generous portions (average $4-$8/per serving) 

We deliver every other Sunday accross the Denver Metro Area.


Wall Street Journal article about Real Food Ready
Heather Braaten, Certified Holistic Health Coach

Our Philosophy

Meet Heather Braaten, owner & creator of Real Food Ready.

As a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, I place an incredibly high value on real, home-cooked meals made with quality ingredients. 

Real Food Ready was created out of a desire to help my community put dinner on the table, without resorting to fast food, take-out, delivery or microwave dinners. 

Our bodies are all different, but there is one universal truth: A healthy diet should contain mostly whole and unprocessed ingredients.  Simply eliminating refined & processed foods from your diet is the #1 way to improve your health. 

With that in mind, Real Food Ready was born. Simple meals made from whole food ingredients  Flash-Frozen, delivered to your home and ready to go in the slow cooker when you don't have time to prepare dinner. 

Quality Matters.

I aim to source local, high quality ingredients, and incorporate organics whenever possible. Working with local suppliers, growers & producers is vital to fostering a healthy food culture in our community, and that translates to the food on your plate. All animal proteins are ethically sourced. Our beef & pork come from local, pasture-centered farms, our chicken is humane-certified, and veggies come from our community when in season.  

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