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Winter Delivery Schedule & Snow Policy


All deliveries will take place between 12pm-5pm.

This will allow us to create the most efficient routes for our drivers, meaning they can take more time between stops and can get home before it's too dark and icy.

Keep in mind that the cold weather means the food can easily hold in a cooler for longer.

So, as always, just leave a cooler for us and your food will be there when you get home.



In the case of inclement weather:

If road conditions are truly too unsafe to put our drivers on the road, we will notify you the morning of your scheduled delivery. In most cases, we will reschedule deliveries for the following Monday or Tuesday, unless the conditions are predicted to continue through the following days. As a Colorado native, I honestly don't anticipate needing to enact this snow policy often. We can usually rely on the sun to melt it all down :)