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Real Food Ready is a bi-monthly delivery service of fresh-frozen, ready-to-cook meals designed for your Slow Cooker or Instant Pot. 


1. Shop our Current Menu 

You'll find plenty of options to choose from including main dish entrees, stir fry or noodle bowl kits and smoothie blends.  Mix and match quantities as you like (minimum total order of $65). Our meals are prepared from fresh, wholesome ingredients then flash-frozen. They are easy to store in your freezer and ready for when you need them.

2. Get Your Delivery  

Orders are delivered every other week on Sundays between 12-5pm. If you won't be home during your delivery window, leave a cooler for our driver to place your order in. (Don't have a cooler? Add one to your order.)

Important: We will send an order reminder AND a specific 1 hour delivery window on the morning of your delivery.  Be sure our email is in your "safe list" so you receive these reminders, and that a CELL PHONE number is provided. 

3. Thaw,  Cook, Enjoy!

Meals are made from scratch. We do all the prep work for you - yup, all the chopping, dicing, mincing, seasoning, sauce making and time-consuming, flavor building prep work. From there, we seal and flash-freeze your meal. This process seals in flavor and freshness, so that every meal tastes perfectly home made. Defrost your meal in the refrigerator before you want to cook it. Once defrosted, place all contents of the bag into the crock. Follow instructions on entree bag for cook time and any additional steps. Let the crock do the cooking! 

About the food: 

  • Each freezer bag meal contains an average of 4-6 servings.
  • Meals should be considered a "Main Dish" - you will want to prepare a side salad, steamed veggies, or have a nice hearty, whole grain bread on hand. (we will provide you with serving suggestions)
  • Our Beef and Pork are sourced from local ranchers, and are pasture raised and hormone free. Our chicken is humane-certified and NAE (no antibiotics ever)
  • Veggies are sources locally whenever possible. 


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