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Vegetable Corn Chowder with "Bac'un Bits"

Vegetable Corn Chowder with "Bac'un Bits"

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Choose "Traditional - milk" OR "Dairy Free- coconut milk" from the drop down menu above

Potato, carrot, corn, zucchini, onion, spinach and/or kale, celery, bell pepper, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, potato flakes, nutritional yeast, sea salt, spices

Comes with Vegetarian "Bac'un Bits"
Textured soy protien (soy flour), sunflower oil, salt, natural flavor (soybean oil, natural smoke flavor), caramel color.

Comes with 1 carton vegetable broth and either coconut milk or whole milk.

Allergy warning: Soy (in "bac'un" bits only, Dairy (if milk option is selected) 

Spice level: none-mild